Demeter is a land-use and land-cover disaggregation and change detection model built to downscale GCAM land allocation outputs to a user-desired gridded resolution. Projected land allocation from GCAM is traditionally transferred to Earth System Models (ESMs) in a variety of gridded formats and spatial resolutions as inputs for simulating biophysical and biogeochemical fluxes. Existing tools for performing this translation generally require a number of manual steps which introduces error and is inefficient. Demeter makes this process seamless and repeatable by providing gridded land-use and land-cover change products derived directly from GCAM in a variety of formats and resolutions commonly used by ESMs. Demeter is publicly available via GitHub and has an extensible output module allowing for future ESM needs to be easily accommodated.


Code Repository:

Demeter: Land Use and Land Cover Change Disaggregation